Meet Our Team!

College defines some of the hardest, most challenging, and most enjoyable years of our lives. We’ve dreamt up a way to enhance one another’s experience through communication and sharing. is the social network driven by students for students. It is our intent to build a community of people who are going, who are enrolled in, and who have graduated from college. We are creating a backdrop where students and graduates can connect with one another and share experiences. We envision a platform where stories are told, friendships are made, and successes are imminent.

College requirements are constantly evolving. Learning, teaching, and growing is different for each person, and as such, the students who use are the ones who write, critique, and improve the content. This guarantees that will always be contemporary and relevant to the students who use it.

We desire to be the online hangout where students can communicate, meet, and befriend each other. Because our demographic is largely scholars who are 16-30 years old, we’ve broken down the site into three specific areas: I’m Going to College, I’m Surviving College, and I’ve Survived College.

I’m Going to College is for those of us who are beginning to plan for the next steps after high school. We are your friends with the answers to the questions you don’t want to ask your parents. We’re also the people with information for applying, especially if you are going to be a first generation college student. We detail all the specifics, from how to pick a school, how to apply, and how to and where to go to get financial aid, including scholarships and loans.

I’m Surviving College is the forum where students can team up to help one another be successful. It’s the place for students to write about their toughest classes, to share their greatest moments, to balance and manage their time effectively, and to be the friends who are supportive all the way through.

I’ve Survived College is geared toward those students graduating college and transitioning to the real world. Whether it’s to network, to complain about the difficulties of finding a job, or to give pointers on what to do during an interview, this is the meeting place for graduates to connect and help one another be triumphant in their post-college lives.