Donate No Background

Anyone and everyone should have the opportunity to go to college. In a world where education is an incredibly valuable currency, as well as one that is incredibly difficult to afford, it is unfair to block an intelligent, inspired student from acquiring higher education because he is not financially capable of attending school. We want every potential student to have the change to say “I Survived College!”. We are asking for donations to fund scholarships for deserving scholars.

Criteria for awarding scholarships will be based upon the academic achievements of the students. We would like to have the ability to award several scholarships per year to prospective students who use our site.

Like the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, we believe that it takes a nation to educate its students. We need your donations to fund this project. As recent graduates ourselves, we do not have the financial independence to support this mission on our own. Please help us build our dream and the dreams of our great nation’s students.

Fund Coming Soon!